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Long-term monitoring in primary care for chronic kidney disease and chronic heart failure: a multi-method research programme

Journal article

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Current prevalence of self-monitoring of blood pressure during pregnancy: the BUMP Survey

Journal article

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Design, methods, and reporting of impact studies of cardiovascular clinical prediction rules are suboptimal: a systematic review

Journal article

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Impact of changes to national guidelines on hypertension-related workload: an interrupted time series analysis in English primary care

Journal article

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Is current body temperature measurement practice fit-for-purpose?

Journal article

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GPs' familiarity with and use of cardiovascular clinical prediction rules: a UK survey study

Journal article

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Accuracy of blood-pressure monitors owned by patients with hypertension (ACCU-RATE study): A cross-sectional, observational study in central England

Journal article

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The effects of different statins on serum LDL cholesterol concentrations: A systematic review and meta-analysis of in vivo dose-response curves

Conference paper

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Investigating the validity of muscle response testing: Blinding the patient using subliminal visual stimuli

Journal article

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Validation of clinical prediction models: what does the “calibration slope” really measure?

Journal article

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Reply to “Calibration slope versus discrimination slope: shoes on the wrong feet”: validation stands on three feet, not two

Journal article

Stevens RJ. and Poppe KK., (2020), Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

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