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A multidisciplinary group working with clinicians researchers and patients to improve pathways to cancer diagnosis.

A major focus of the group is building interdisciplinary teams to deliver projects with impact and direct patient benefit. To achieve this the cancer research group works closely with researchers from other disciplines and institutions, NHS commissioners, colleagues providing diagnostics and cancer care in the hospital setting, patients, and cancer charities.  

This multidisciplinary approach enables the team to use the most appropriate research methodologies to address pressing research questions that have arisen out of direct clinical care. This means the group are involved in qualitative projects with patients and clinicians, big data projects using routinely collected health records data, prospective studies collecting new data about novel interventions, health service development projects within the NHS, and projects to synthesise available published evidence.

 CURRENT Projects:

CASNET: CAncer Safety NETting

CASNET2: An RCT to evaluate an electronic CAncer Safety NETting TOOlkit

GLANCE: Gut feeLings for cANCEr in general practice: an interview study with patients and GPs

LOWCAN: Loss Of Weight as a predictor of CANcer in primary care

MAINROUTE: Monitoring Attendance INvestigations Referrals and OUTomEs

MyPath: Pathways to Myeloma diagnosis

NETTD: Safety NETting for Timely Diagnosis in primary care

RAPTOR-C19: RApid community Point-of-care Testing fOR Covid-19

SCAN: the Suspected CANcer Diagnostic Pathway

SympFIT: Symptomatic Faecal Immunochemical Testing

SYMPLIFY: Assessing the performance of a multi-cancer early detection test 


We link with researchers in several other research groups within the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences:

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine

Clinical Informatics and Health Outcomes Research Group

CPRD Research Group

Medical Sociology and Health Experiences Research Group

Medical Statistics Group

Monitoring and Diagnosis (MaDOx)

NIHR Community Healthcare MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative

Primary Care Epidemiology


Our team