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Wilkinson C (CI), Clements A (Joint PI), Wilson S (Joint PI), Austoker J, Campbell C, Hendry M, Lewis R, Neal R, Patnick J, Sasieni P & Weller D

Funding: Cancer Research UK Project Grant (2008-2012)

Grant held in collaboration with the Department of Primary Care Clinical Sciences, University of Birmingham, Primary Care and Public Health, Bangor University, and Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

The purpose of this study is to develop evidence-based, core HPV messages, relevant to HPV testing and vaccination.  Cervical cancer prevention is evolving rapidly with the development of HPV vaccination and testing; both technologies have recently been introduced within the UK. The success of HPV programmes depends on acceptability. While the literature on acceptability of HPV testing and vaccination is expanding, it is currently limited and mainly based on non-UK populations. There is an urgent need for core messages sensitive to UK culture and practice.  This study comprises of 4 stages: i. a systematic review of current literature (led by the University of Bangor) ii. an in-depth interview series with vaccination aged-girls, parents, and health professionals to explore the experiences and support needs of those involved in vaccination and testing (led by the University of Oxford) iii) a UK wide survey of the public and health providers to validate preliminary messages (led by the University of Birmingham) and iv) final development of the core message series. This work will directly inform the NHS Cervical Screening Programme, and the Immunisation and Vaccination programme via the JCVI.

Contact: Alison Clements for further details