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We carry out research to find ways for parents and healthcare professionals to diagnose serious illness in children as early as possible and to manage common childhood illness in the most appropriate way.

In the Primary Care Paediatric Research group we carry out research to improve the care of children in primary care settings. We are particularly interested in improving the evidence that primary care professionals have to manage both common diseases, as well as more serious diseases in primary care.

by far the most robust set of vital sign data I have encountered in 30 years of medical practice and clinical risk management researchDan Sullivan, MD, JD, FACEP, Assistant Professer of Emergency Medicine, Rush Medical College

This includes research on improving diagnosis of serious illnesses in children (e.g., meningitis, leukaemia, diabetes), many of which can be very difficult to distinguish from minor ailments in their early stages. For example, knowing the early clinical features of these rare but serious diseases can help both parents and primary care clinicians identify children with these illnesses more rapidly. The group also conducts research to find better ways of diagnosing and treating more common childhood illnesses, for example children with sore throats.

The ways that primary care is organised for children in the UK and Europe impacts directly on care, so the group are looking at different models for providing care for children in primary care.

We use many different study designs in our research, including qualitative studies of parents and GPs, cohort studies of children with various illnesses, trials of new medications, systematic reviews of existing literature for interventions and diagnostics, and health technology assessments. Engaging parents and GPs in taking part in our research is fundamental to what we do. We also collaborate with paediatric researchers across Europe, the US and Australasia. The Group’s research interests span a diverse range of childhood illnesses including respiratory tract infections, serious infections such as meningitis, childhood cancers, and diabetes.

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