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QResearch is a database of anonymised health records of over 35 million patients being utilised to answer urgent questions about COVID-19 and inform the response to the pandemic. GP data from EMIS is linked to cancer, death, hospital, intensive care, and COVID-19 data from Public Health England, NHS Digital, and ICNARC.

QResearch is currently working on a number of projects to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic looking at; predicting the risk of adverse outcomes from COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccine uptake and safety, the association between COVID-19, ethnicity, and mortality, the impact of COVID-19 on the cancer diagnosis, obesity and smoking in relation to COVID-19 severity, and the economic costs of COVID-19 to healthcare.

Current projects

Coronavirus Record Linkage Project

Development and evaluation of a tool for predicting risk of short-term adverse outcomes due to COVID-19 in the general UK population

COVID-19, smoking and respiratory conditions: a prospective QResearch-Case Mix Programme study

Examining the effects of obesity on the severity of COVID-19 symptoms

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the diagnosis of childhood, teenage and young adult cancers

Quantifying the association between COVID-19, ethnicity and mortality: A cohort study across three UK national databases

A second wave of crisis in the NHS after the COVID-19 pandemic

Uptake and comparative safety of new COVID-19 vaccines by age, sex, region, ethnicity, comorbidities, medication, deprivation, risk level and evidence of prior COVID infection

Epidemiology and outcomes of COVID-19 in patients with chronic liver disease and cirrhosis

Comparison between QResearch, CPRD (Gold) and CPRD Aurum

COVID-19 vaccination in children

COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy


Establishing new data linkages that can be used now and in future research

Reports to the UK government on COVID-19 risk and vaccination

Funding from many sources, including to accelerate the use of data against COVID-19

A risk prediction algorithm used to develop COVID-19 shielding and vaccination priority lists

Publications in journals, including: Lancet Infectious Diseases, Heart, Lancet Digital Health, BMJ, Lancet Respiratory Medicine, Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, JAMA Pediatrics, BMJ Open, Annals of Family Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine


QResearch Chief Investigator: Julia Hippisley-Cox

PA to Julia Hippisley-Cox: Claire Meadows