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The DataLab is run by Dr Ben Goldacre and builds innovative, live tools to help make science and healthcare data more impactful in the real world. The group's goal is for better, transparent, timely and accessible information in healthcare.

OUR Projects include:

Explore 6 years of of NHS prescribing data. We’re helping to make prescribing safer and more cost-effective.

COMPare Trials
Trials need to be reported correctly: it's important that researchers report the measurements they said they would.

Our academic team are leading the research on OpenTrials, a public database of all documents on clinical trials.

Get alerted if you cite a paper that later gets retracted. Coming soon.

DataLab is funded by:

  • The Health Foundation
  • The Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  • National Institute for Health Research
  • West of England Academic Health Science Network 

Our team includes: