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Long COVID (LC) refers to a set of symptoms that persist for longer than four weeks after contracting coronavirus. LC has many symptoms, including breathlessness, fatigue and brain ‘fog’. It has the potential to deepen health inequalities and is having a disproportionate impact on patients with existing health conditions and people from lower income backgrounds.

LOCOMOTION will identify best practice in providing LC specialist services, ensuring people are supported quickly and receive the right treatments from the right healthcare professionals. This will involve a comparative evaluation of alternative treatment options being implemented at the clinical sites associated with LOCOMOTION (see list above). 

The Oxford Health Economics team will be involved in work package 3.2 (WP3.2). This package will assess the comparative cost-effectiveness of the treatment options. A decision model will be conceptualised using stakeholder inputs and literature reviews. Data for parameterisation will be sourced from electronic health records, patient questionnaires, and published literature. The analysis will adopt the societal perspective.