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Our students are based across the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences (DPhil in Primary Care and Translationa Health Sciences) and the Department of Continuing Education (DPhil in Evidence Based Health Care)


Richard Gleave

Shaw, Fahy,


How national public health bodies use evidence

2017 (PT)

Ellie Barry

Greenhalgh, Shaw, Papoutsi

Lived experience of pre-diabetes

2018 (PT)

Mona Koshkouei



Dopson, Ford

Falsified Medicines Directive

2018 (PT)

Georgette Eaton

Mahtani, Wong, Tierney

Use of paramedics in primary care

2019 (PT)

Jeremy Leslie-Spinks


Greenhalgh, Potter, Arnaldi

Narratives of elite ballet dancers with degenerative spinal disease.

2020 (FT)

Katherine Kalaris




A realist evaluation

of implementing better care practices and bundled technologies in Kenyan Hospitals

2020 (PT)

Francis Ayomoh

Shaw, Hughes, Silman

Improving task-shifting and task-sharing for the provision of essential healthcare services in Nigeria

2021 (FT)

Josephine Wallinger

Greenhalgh, Ferrey, Snowling

The educational and employment experiences of young people and adults with invisible neurodevelopmental disorders: Patient-led research.

2021 (PT)

Shuranjeet Tahkar

Greenhalgh, Bhui, Mathur

PPIE in youth mental health from critical public health / critical race theory perspective

2021 (PT)

Francesca Dakin

Greenhalgh, Tanvi, Paparini

Learning from the experiences of staff working in primary care spaces in deprived areas during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a view to improving wellbeing and working conditions


2021 (FT)

Laiba Husain

Greenhalgh, Hughes, Wherton, Finlay

Reducing digital inequalities in remote services

2021 (FT)

Michelle Treacy

Wong, Odell

What are the mechanisms that influence appropriate use of the National Early Warning Score in non-critical care settings?


2021 (FT)

Amy Booth

Shaw, Wieringa

Adoption of environmentally sustainable solutions in clinical practice


2021 (FT)

Jonny Edwards

Paparini, Ferrey

Qualitative study of the impact of PrEP prescribing in the NHS on the culture of LGBTQ+ communities in the UK


2021 (PT)

Angille Heintzman


Refugee health in Canada (Final focus TBC)

2021 (PT)

Rosie Cooper


Realist Evaluation of a digital self-care intervention to improve the long-term management and outcomes of people affected by coeliac disease

TT 2022 (PT)

Emma Ladds

Greenhalgh, Darbyshire, Swinglehurst

The role of the therapeutic relationship in modern primary care

2022 (PT)

Babar Akbar


Understanding the role and value of the multiprofessional team model for Primary Care Out of Hours service delivery in Scotland: A realist synthesis and evaluation

2022 (PT)

Devon McConnell


Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) to treat work-related mental health distress – what works, for whom, under what circumstances, how, and why?

2022 (PT)

Isabel Hanson

Greenhalgh, Shaw

Youth mental health hubs: case studies in the UK and Australia

2023 (FT)

Nicole Mfoafo-M'Carthy Shaw, Brenman Transitioning from acute to community care: experiences of virtual care 2023
Isabela Cabrera Lalinde Greenhalgh Exploring the role of vaccine hesitancy in relation to vaccine research and development to build greater confidence in novel vaccines 2023
Vivian Tsang Ferrey, Hartmann-Boyce Group Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy for Treatment of Psychiatric Conditions 2023