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Francis Ayomoh

DPhil Student

Eleanor Barry

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, DPhil Student

Amy Booth

Natassia Brenman

Senior researcher, medical anthropology

Sally Carr

Administrator (MSc Translational Health Sciences)

Aileen Clarke

Honorary Professor

Joanna Crocker

Senior Researcher

Francesca Dakin

DPhil Student

Julie Darbyshire

Research Manager/Senior Scientific Officer

Georgette Eaton

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Stuart Faulkner

Programme and Operations Manager

Anne Ferrey

Senior Researcher and Course Director, MSc Translational Health Sciences

Teresa Finlay

Senior Health Services Researcher

Richard Gleave

DPhil Student

Isabel Hanson

DPhil in Primary Care candidate

Laiba Husain

DPhil Student

Mona Koshkouei

Pharmacist & DPhil Researcher

Jeremy Leslie-Spinks

DPhil Student

Katrin Micklitz

DPhil Student

Lucy Moore

Health Services Researcher

Nikki Newhouse

Postdoctoral Researcher

Chrysanthi Papoutsi

Associate Professor

Rebecca Payne

NIHR In-practice Fellow

Lucas Seuren

Health Services Researcher

Neda Taghinejadi

Academic Clinical Fellow

Shuranjeet Takhar

Primary Health Care DPhil Student (Part-Time)

Charlotte Thompson-Grant

Personal Assistant and IRIHS Research Co-ordinator

Julian Treadwell

Honorary Research Fellow and General Practitioner

Jackie Van Dael

Health Services Researcher

Jo Wallinger

Colt Foundation PhD Fellow, DPhil Student

Jacqueline Walumbe

Honorary Research Fellow

Joseph Wherton

Senior Researcher

Sietse Wieringa

Clinical Researcher

Geoff Wong

Associate Professor of Primary Care