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PPI contributors

  • Craig Atkinson
  • Maria Clark
  • Bernard Gudgin
  • Francoise Holland
  • Eric Lyle
  • Tony Meacock
  • Pauline Roberts
  • Chris Wardley

what did we do?

We held four meetings with the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group during the lifetime of the review – one at the start, one halfway through and one at the end. Initially, the group helped us think about aspects related to planning the review (e.g. search terms, potential components of social prescribing connector schemes to consider). At the mid-point, we discussed key aspects within the literature that we had questions about (e.g. what is the mechanism that is leading to this outcome, is this outcome important to/a priority for people?). The final meeting allowed us to present our findings and to consider, as a group, ways of disseminating this work in an accessible manner to a wider audience (i.e. beyond academics, to those receiving, providing or funding social prescribing).


The PPI group discussing the review as a team


feedback from the ppi contributors

I have learnt a lot about the research process and how much information, knowledge and ideas members of the public have to contribute, especially in a group which is working well together. - Chris Wardley

What is on offer these days in our health system is so complicated and to have such a tool [care navigation], if utilised well, is great. - Maria Clark

It’s a great concept, but needs serious funding if it is to be rolled out properly…Fully funded care navigator roles need to be created for this to be effective, which in time should reduce GP workload and create efficiency…It needs well organised parallel pilots to better understand what works best for which patient groups.
- Tony Meacock