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  • Status:: In follow-up

The aim of the study is to investigate whether Health Trainer support is better at helping people to quit smoking for longer, compared with existing support.

The study will recruit 900 people who currently smoke and who wish to reduce their cigarette consumption but who may have no immediate plan to quit. The volunteers will be recruited from four cities – Plymouth, Oxford, Nottingham and London.

Half of the volunteers will receive existing advice on reducing smoking and where to get further support, while the others will receive up to eight face-to-face or phone contacts with a Health Trainer for up to eight weeks with support to reduce smoking and increase physical activity as chosen by the smoker. After completing an initial assessment, all participants will be asked to complete various surveys and measures after three and nine months. 

The study aims to provide compelling evidence to support the pilot study and result in data which will bring this approach to future updated guidelines on the support which should be provided to reduce smoking.


Study Design: Randomised controlled trial

Plymouth Hospitals NHS trust 

Ethical Approval:
Contact Details:

Chief Investigator:

Professor Adrian Taylor