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Based in NDPCHS (including DPhils in EBHC, registered with ContEd)

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  2. Caitlin Pilbeam 2016-2020 (Passed with no corrections Jan 2020). Doctoral studentship linked to Wellcome SCALS Senior Investigator Award. Wellbeing and assisted living solutions.
  3. Richard Gleave (PT) 2017-. Providing Government with evidence-based advice on the public's health.
  4. Katrin Micklitz (PT) 2017-. Mindfulness programmes in the workplace. 
  5. Eleanor Barry (PT) 2018-. NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship. The patient experience of pre-diabetes. 
  6. Mona Koshkouri 2018-. Implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive.
  7. Jackie Walumbe (PT) 2018-. Supporting successful self-management strategies for people living with chronic pain.
  8. Jacobus Koetze 2018-. Hybrid models of clinical leadership - an ethical perspective.
  9. Julian Treadwell 2018-. Decision support for GPs managing polypharmic patients.
  10. Maryam Ahmadyer 2018-. Improving access of homeless people to dental services.
  11. Alex Jaeger 2018-. Incorporating big data in commissioning realist approach.
  12. Georgette Eaton (PT) 2019-. Use of paramedics in primary care.