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Our students are based across the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences (DPhil in Primary Care and Translationa Health Sciences) and the Department of Continuing Education (DPhil in Evidence Based Health Care)


Paul Dijkstra



Primary care morphology in adolescent athletes

2015 (PT)

Richard Gleave

Shaw, Fahy,


How national public health bodies use evidence

2017 (PT)

Katrin Mickliltz

Wong, Howick

Workplace-based mindfulness programmes

2017 (PT)


van der



Greenhalgh, Butler, Tonkin-Crine, Ehrlich

Reducing the spread of Tuberculosis transmission in rural areas in South Africa

2018 (FT)

Jacobus Koetze

Greenhalgh, Fahy

Ethical influences on clinician-managers

2018 (FT)

Alex Jager

Wong, Papoutsi

The usage of data within primary care commissioning: a realist synthesis and evaluation

2018 (FT)

Jackie Walumbe

Shaw, Silman,  Swinglehurst

Self-management in chronic pain

2018 (PT)

Julian Treadwell

Greenhalgh, Mahtani


Online tools for assessing benefits & harms of treatments



Ellie Barry

Greenhalgh, Shaw

Lived experience of pre-diabetes

2018 (PT)

Mona Koshkouei




Falsified Medicines Directive

2018 (PT)

Maryam Ahmadyar


Improving access of young homeless people to dental services

2018 (FT)

Georgette Eaton

Mahtani, Wong, Tierney

Use of paramedics in primary care

2019 (PT)

Jeremy Leslie-Spinks



Narratives of elite ballet dancers with degenerative spinal disease.

2020 (FT)

Katherine Kalaris




A realist evaluation

of implementing better care practices and bundled technologies in Kenyan Hospitals

2020 (PT)

Francis Ayomoh

Shaw, Hughes, Silman

Improving task-shifting and task-sharing for the provision of essential healthcare services in Nigeria

2021 (FT)

Josephine Wallinger

Greenhalgh, Snowling

The educational and employment experiences of young people and adults with invisible neurodevelopmental disorders: Patient-led research.

2021 (PT)