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DPhil Student

I am studying (part-time) for my DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care under the supervision of Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and Dr Sara Shaw. My doctoral research is concerned with examining integrated health and social care for people with complex needs, and contributes towards the SCALS (Studies in Co-creating Assisted Living Technologies) programme.  I have an academic background in philosophy, literature and social policy and am developing an interdisciplinary approach in my doctoral studies, incorporating ethnography and discourse analysis.

I also hold a senior NHS commissioning post (part-time), and have extensive experience of strategic commissioning in the NHS. My professional background includes experience of working on mental health policy implementation, service development and training, as well as spending time in my early career working with homeless people. 

My professional and academic experience has served to continually sharpen and renew my interest in the relationships between health and social care policy, practice and lived experience, and in developing a critical approach to analysing these subjects.