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VC's public engagement award presented to Professor Trish Greenhalgh and IRIHS team

A project developed by the IRIHS group to develop assisted-living technologies for older people with complex needs is one of five recognised from the Medical Sciences Division.

Other news

Research from the University of Oxford key in new all-party government report evaluating government commitments on the digitisation of the NHS.

The report, authored by a panel of independent experts, gave the government's progress an "inadequate" rating, raising questions about the Government's capacity to guarantee that the health and social care systems have the digital underpinnings they require to meet the challenges they face.

Oxford researchers launch GP Evidence – a website designed by GPs, for GPs, to bridge the knowledge gap between scientific evidence and recommended treatments

GP Evidence is designed to support GPs' decision-making in clinical practice for long term health conditions.

Clinician-patient communication about emergency aerial medical evacuation in case of infectious disease

New research from the University of Oxford, published today in the Journal of Travel Medicine, has developed a simple six-step check list clinicians can use to improve communication, decision making and planning about the possibility and practicalities of Aerial Medical Evacuation (AME).

Study reveals association between diagnosis of a neuropsychiatric condition and severe outcome from COVID-19 infection, and other severe acute respiratory infections

New research from the University of Oxford has shown an increased risk of severe illness and death from both COVID-19 and other severe respiratory infections, such as influenza and pneumonia, among people with a pre-existing mental health condition.

Blog posts

Beyond the Binary: An Intersectional Approach to Digital Health Disparities for Marginalised Women

Digital health disparities disproportionately affect marginalised women, making it challenging for them to access healthcare services. These women may face multiple hurdles such as lack of accessibility to digital technologies, gaps in language and translation support, low health and digital literacy, dismissive attitudes of healthcare providers, and the adverse impact other aspects of social policy have on their health and ability to access care.

A unique learning opportunity with the purpose of saving lives

In this blog, Dr Junior Mudji from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), shares his experience of studying on the Masters programme in Global Healthcare Leadership.

Research Finds Negative Impact of VP/VLBW on Adult Health-related Quality of Life Outcomes

In this blog post, Dr Corneliu Bolbocean, Senior Researcher in Health Economics, highlights findings from two recent papers examining adulthood quality of life outcomes for those born very pre-term or low birthweight, as well as work showing the better measure of physical or cognitive aspects of health to use.

What is Translational Health Sciences? What does an MSc in this topic offer?

Translational research is messy and dynamic. In this blog, Director of the MSc in Translational Health Sciences, Professor Trish Greenhalgh, introduces us to the MSc and discusses the need for such an interdisciplinary and applied programme that explores downstream elements of knowledge translation, such as human actions and interactions, to improve the success of efforts to implement innovations in complex healthcare systems.