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We are dedicated to the practice, teaching and dissemination of high-quality evidence-based medicine to improve healthcare in everyday clinical practice.

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine was established in Oxford in 1995 with the aim of promoting evidence-based health care to all offering effective and up-to-date decision-making in health care around the world. We provide support and resources to doctors, clinicians, teachers and others interested in learning about Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), The Centre is directed by Prof Carl Heneghan, GP, experienced clinician and researcher.

The CEBM provides free support and resources to everyone interested in learning more about EBM via their website. Our work falls into three categories:

  1. Research and development on the barriers to and improvement of the clinical practice of evidence.
  2. Training in the principles and practice of evidence-based medicine.
  3. Training the trainers in how to teach EBM and how to undertake research and development in EBM.
Gives me a better appreciation of the need to apply evidence-based practice where and when practical to routine clinical practice.

Our popular courses range from one-day introductory workshops on EBM in practice to a five-day residential programme, providing each delegate with the knowledge and confidence to practise EBM in their own working environment.

Our team