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Paramedics have taken on an increasing role in primary care, which is set to increase with the NHS Long Term Plan advocating their use in primary care networks. As paramedics’ transition from their traditional employer, the ambulance service, to roles within primary care, their knowledge and skillset will undoubtedly change. This has opened the door for paramedics to develop clinically and work at an enhanced level, with a greater range of skills and knowledge. However, the current opportunities for paramedics' employment in primary care require careful evaluation in order to contribute to patients and the NHS primary care agenda.

Using a combination of evidence synthesis and mixed methods, we aim to understand what impacts these new roles are having on the wider health system and patient care. We are working with clinical providers, members of the public, Health Education England and the College of Paramedics to understand the role and impact of paramedics working within primary care. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of why paramedics are opting to work in primary care, how they practise in this setting, and what their contribution to patient care is will contribute to the development of the profession, workforce planning and patient safety.

This project is part-funded by Health Education England. KM, GW and NR are supported by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research Evidence Synthesis Working Group.

The views and findings from this project are those of the researchers and not necessarily the views of the host institution or any organisations named in this project page.