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Our aim is to support the provision of high quality primary health care in countries with limited economic resources, undertaking research and policy development in collaboration with academic institutions, NGOs and government agencies.

Effective primary health care is particularly important in resource-poor countries. Effective delivery of vaccinations, maternal care and treatment of common diseases (such as malaria) is essential for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals. Effective diagnostic triage and delivery of chronic care is essential for the provision of universal health care at affordable cost.

We work with academic institutions, NGOs and government agencies in developing countries to support the delivery of high quality primary care through policy development and research. We exploit the expertise of other research groups in the Department (e.g. MaDOx, HEXI, CEBM) to undertake this work. 

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National priority COVID-19 trial recruits first patients

Researchers from Oxford University are now enrolling participants into the first clinical trial of potential COVID-19 treatments to take place in GP practices.

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