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Bridging the Gap: Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit and Cancer theme join OCTO in CRUK Collaboration

In the UK today 1000 people will be diagnosed with cancer. The earlier a cancer is caught the more treatment options are available. A core strategy within the NHS Long Term Plan is to diagnose 75% of cancers at an early stage by 2028. Primary care plays an essential role in meeting this target with the majority of patients diagnosed with cancer first presenting to their GP with symptoms.

The Future of Diagnosis: Navigating Uncertainty

Claire Friedemann Smith, Brian Nicholson and Georgia Black reflect on their visit to the first in-person Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) conference since Covid-19 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Building interdisciplinary research networks to improve cancer control

The BLOTTED study has established a network of researchers at various career stages interested in blood test trend for cancer detection. Blood test trend might tell GPs more information than single blood test results. A small change from a steady trend could be more useful for identifying patients at risk of undiagnosed cancer than waiting for a blood test value to fall outside a fixed “normal” range.

Non-specific symptom pathways: How are they working and where are they going?

When it comes to diagnosing and treating non-specific symptoms (NSS) in cancer patients, a holistic approach is essential. However, the implementation of non-specific symptom pathways and national policies promoting holistic care can vary greatly among healthcare providers. In our workshop presented at the Cancer in Primary Care conference at Worcester College, Oxford, we discussed key challenges and future directions for research in providing comprehensive care to those with NSS.