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To explore and generate knowledge and understanding around social care provision and practice to improve the lives of people who receive these services.


We are delighted to have recently received funding to undertake a substantial programme of research around social care provision. This includes projects involving people in receipt of social care who experience loneliness, using a Capability Approach to understand how to better support learning disabled young people lead flourishing lives and a project focusing on how older learning disabled people and family carers can be supported to plan for the future. We will also be exploring how an effective healthcare intervention called Accelerated Experienced Based Co-Design can be used in social care settings. 


Current projects

Understanding and using people’s experiences of social care to guide service improvements:could an effective and efficient co-design approach be translated from health to social care? Ryan S, Bebbington P, Martin A, Locock L, Barnett A, Ziebland S, Baxter K, Birks Y, Wilberforce M, Boneham H. NIHR HS&DR. 


Bridging the translation gap between learning disability policy and practice in search of flourishing lives. Ryan S, Forrester-Jones R, Locock L, Fitzsimmons B, McMurray S, Warren S, Mitchell R, James E, Fletcher J, Vaid A, Martin A, Barnett A.  NIHR School for Social Care Research. 


Formative Evaluation of a new resource for Social Care service users, teachers, practitioners and policy makers. Ziebland S, Ryan S, Chisholm A, Bostock J, Fiori S, Jobling H, Devenney K, Austin A, Barnett A, Sanders R. Formative Evaluation of a new resource for Social Care service users, teachers, practitioners and policy makers. NIHR School for Social Care Research. 


Establishing a UK-Japan inclusive research network in intellectual disability: Co-producing a roadmap for belonging. Tilley L, Walmsley J, Ryan S, Ellis L, Tanaka H, Kasa-Hara C ESRC



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