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Transforming care by understanding and using experience

Oxford health experiences institute hexi OUImages/Nasir Hamid

HEXI is a unique, interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to the understanding of health and related experiences, using this understanding to transform care through influencing policy, practice and education. There is an increasing understanding that clinical outcomes are linked to patient experience and that the nature of engagement with patients and their families are key to delivering 'good' experiences of care.

This understanding extends HEXI's interests from the measurement and description of experience into consideration of patient involvement and engagement in care at both organisational, as in governance structures and processes, and individual levels, as in shared decision making.

HEXI is a joint initiative between the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences and Green Templeton College. It is founded on relationships between key research groups within the University, bringing together different research paradigms, including quantitative, qualitative and translational work. The Health Experiences Research Group and members of the University of Oxford Public Health Department provide the core of this collaboration. 

Current HEXI Fellows:

Tim Read - Care Quality Commission
Catherine Thompson - NHS England 

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