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Working globally to deliver triple value healthcare

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Although tremendous progress has been made over the last 40 years, health services continue to be challenged by increasing need and demand without the provision of additional resource. These challenges include variation in access, quality, cost and outcomes.

To maintain health services globally, and continue improving population health, there is an urgent need to transform health services to deliver triple value:

Allocative value: allocate resources to different groups equitably and in a way that maximises value for the whole population.

Technical value: improve the quality and safety of healthcare to increase the value derived from resources allocated to particular services.

Personalised value: base decisions on the best current evidence, careful assessment of an individual's clinical condition and an individual's values.

Our objectives

By focusing on the triple value framework, the value based healthcare programme's objectives are to:

  • develop the concept of value based healthcare
  • encourage and conduct applied research on value based healthcare, both from an individual and a population perspective 
  • provide training and professional development on value based healthcare to individuals and organisations
  • develop and disseminate high value healthcare toolkits and a high value healthcare casebook
  • maintain a specialist glossary of all the terms relevant to value and efficiency
  • work with industry to help them shape their innovation pipeline so new product developed directly add value to the healthcare sector.
Programme development is driven by Professor Sir Muir Gray and Dr Anant Jani. 

Our team:

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