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The current state of healthcare is captured by the diagram above.  Care is distributed amongst different jurisdictions, institutions, professions, regulators and inspectors, which leads to “The Healthcare Archipelago” of distributed services, which seriously hinders the ability of the health profession to focus on the needs of the patient.

The distributed nature of services that has resulted from this setup of healthcare has led to many problems including:

  • patient harm,
  • unwarranted variation in outcomes,
  • inequity,
  • failure to prevent the preventable,
  • rising need, demand and expectations,
  • waste of finite resources (financial and human).

In the Value Based Healthcare Programme we undertake applied research projects that aim to get to the heart of these problems and we work with stakeholders to develop strategies and solutions to overcome these problems. 

Learn more about our ongoing applied research projects:

Tabula rasa healthcare
Outcomes-based healthcare systems
Value based pathology