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The Value Based Healthcare Programme is committed to training the current and future generations of the healthcare workforce and leadership within the clinical, managerial, finance, public health and industry sectors. Our education and training offerings are designed to drive healthcare professionals to look at healthcare in a different way and help them improve the Triple Value of the services they are delivering to the population they are accountable to. We will train learners in key concepts and skills and will also guide them through scenarios that will help them understand how Triple Value relates to their role within healthcare. 

An example of one of the scenarios is shown below:

The CFO of your organisation has said that your department’s budget is going to be cut by 15%.  You have been tasked with helping the CFO identify the low value activities that can be cut without impacting the services delivered to the population you are accountable to. Make a list of the top five low value activities in your department that can be cut, along with estimates of how much they cost.

We are currently offering a short course in Population Healthcare, for which learners are awarded a University of Oxford certificate, and are accepting interns for 10-week internships for summer 2016. 

Summer Interns will be placed on existing applied research projects underway in the Value Based Healthcare Programme.   

Please contact Anant Jani for further information.