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Project description

With ongoing attention to women's health in the UK, the need to listen to and respond to patient experiences is centre stage. This has been highlighted in recent investigations and reports, including the Cumberlege review (2020) 'First Do No Harm', and the development of a new Women's Health Strategy.
The doctoral student will receive supervision from leading applied qualitative researchers in the Medical Sociology and Health Experiences Research Group. Social science informed research on women's health experiences will embed meaningful Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) and it will produce public-facing outputs. Methods might include interviews, focus groups, ethnography, and secondary qualitative data analysis.

Potential areas of interest include:

  • Women's and healthcare professional's perceptions of common health symptoms and conditions;
  • Access to primary care for women throughout the life-course;
  • Application of findings from in-depth qualitative research for service improvement and professional education.

The Research Team

The student will be supervised by leading qualitative researchers with an interest in women's health in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, with additional methodological and clinical supervision as required for the project.

Who should apply?

The project will suit a student with a background in qualitative research and social science. Candidates will be expected to hold a good undergraduate degree (or Masters) in a relevant subject (such as sociology, anthropology, human geography, or psychology).


Dr Abi McNiven –
Prof Sue Ziebland