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sarah tonkin-crine.jpg

Health Psychologist and Senior Researcher

I am a Health Psychologist and Senior Researcher and have worked in primary care research since the start of my PhD in 2008. As a Health Psychologist I am interested in how people think about health and wellbeing, how we can influence and support people to adopt healthy behaviours and how we can support health professionals to carry out evidence-based practice.

I have worked on projects aimed at reducing unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in primary care for 9 years. I have particular expertise in developing and evaluating behaviour change interventions. I am interested in changing the behaviour of patients, so that they consume fewer antibiotics, and the behaviour of clinicians, so that fewer antibiotics are prescribed. I also have expertise in qualitative methods and undertaking exploratory research with populations to find out why people behave in a certain way. My previous research has involved both primary and secondary analysis of qualitative data and triangulation of mixed methods data.

I am an expert member of the UK Government's Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Prescribing, Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection (APRHAI) which provides practical and scientific advice to the government on minimising the risk of healthcare associated infections.