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jochen cals.jpg

The focus of my past research has been on respiratory tract infections (RTI) with the emphasis on lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) in general practice. Finding solutions to improve prescribing decisions and seeking opportunities to facilitate antimicrobial stewardship has been the main goal of my research until now.

The current research line will be extended to common infections in primary care, enhanced communication skills, medication adherence and point of care diagnostic testing in general. I aim to further develop my research qualities and to work towards building a research group focused on performing high quality research into illness- and disease-focused solutions to common conditions in general practice. The objective is to work trans-disciplinary within and beyond medicine.

As the clinical agenda and the research agenda should form a dynamic interplay, I'm looking forward to continue combining clinical work and research in general practice. I currently work 50% in clinical practice and 50% in academia.

On a personal note, I love sports and enjoy going out for a run, ride or pint (preferably Guinness or German Wefenweizen) with friends. I'm living in lovely Meerssen, just 5 minutes outside Maastricht, with my wife Birgit, who is an archaeologist, with a specialty in human bones. We enjoy our time with our son Lasse, who was born on 20-11-2011

Research topics: common infections, antibiotic prescribing, adherence, communication skills, (point of care) diagnostic testing, patient centered clinical methods.