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henk schers.jpg

GP, Director of Networks

At the moment I am general practitioner in Lent, The Netherlands. In this practice, I am one of the successors of Professor Frans Huygen, one of the founding fathers of Dutch general practice. At the academic level, I am the director of networks of the department. This is one of the 4 units of the department of primary and community care, which resulted after a merging process between the department of general practice, the department of nursing home medicine, occupational and community medicine, and several educational schools in 2008. I am in charge of bringing together the networks in primary care, such as the practice based research networks in general practice, the networks for nursing homes, and the networks of community and occupational care adherent to the Radboud University Medical Centre. Moreover, I am chair of the steering committee of the practice based research networks in general practice.

I am engaged in several research projects, mainly with a focus on continuity of care and care for the frail elderly. In these projects I am one of the applicants and member of the steering and project committees. As regards editorial expertise, I'm a member of the editorial staff of Huisarts en wetenschap, the national leading general practice journal. I am on the board of regional GPs