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margaret kay.jpg

Senior Lecturer 

Dr. Margaret Kay is a part-time general practitioner who graduated from UQ with Honours in Medicine in 1983. She has her FRACGP. She has been a primary health care researcher since 2003 being awarded a PHC-RED Fellowship to assist in the transition from clinical to academic work. She has recently completed her PhD in Physician Health focusing on the health access of physicians. She has published seven papers in peer-reviewed journals related to her thesis. The theoretical perspective underpinning this PhD was Complexity Theory.

Dr. Kay is convening the Health Professionals’ Health Conference in Brisbane in October this year and is the Hon Secretary for the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service, Queensland. Her current research focuses on health access for medical students with the intention enhancing their health access throughout their professional careers.

Dr. Kay is also involved in refugee health research. She has previously published a theoretical model on delivery of primary health care to refugees and her research provides a deeper understanding of the health needs of refuges and how to deliver accessible, comprehensive coordinated primary health care to refugees in a ‘developed’ country, like Australia. Dr. Kay has developed a collaborative approach with researchers (locally and nationally), with service providers, as well as with refugee communities, who assist in developing the research process and provide ethical guidance.

Dr. Kay is currently completing a nationally funded research project to inform the development and implementation of an Australian model for delivering health care to this vulnerable population in Australia.