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The Mock OSCE (MOSCE)  Examination

The MOSCE was piloted in 2004 under the SIFT Fellowship programme under the guidance of Dr Lindsay O’Kelly.  In response to requests from students to have a ‘practice’  final year summative examination, we held mock exams in two general practice surgeries in Oxford.  Feedback from the participants was extremely positive and the opportunity was  extended to all final year students in subsequent years.   Nearly 100% of final year students took up the opportunity to  attend a MOSCE in 2010 and 2011.  The opportunities to practise with peers in examination conditions and the chance to refine skills and  identify weaknesses with time to improve them were cited by  students as particularly valuable.

Year Five Assessment

Currently, a summative assessment is  undertaken by students completing their six-week GP attachment.  Over the past five years this examination has undergone major changes and innovation under the guidance of Dr Julian Hancock, Medical Education Fellow and GP Tutor, with support from Dr Michael Moher.