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Year four Special Study Module in Literature & Medicine

This yearly four week course was introduced by Dr Tim Lancaster in 2001 and was recently led by Dr Alison Convey. The module is organised around medically relevant themes including empathy, death and dying, disability, madness and creativity, addiction, domestic violence, ethical dilemmas, doctor/patient communication, doctors' emotions and end of life decisions. Dr Convey uses a variety of texts including plays, poetry, short stories and novels as well as other genres including film, theatre and visual arts to illustrate these themes. In their feedback, the students have attached great importance to the insights gained into patients and their experience of illness.

Year four Communication Skills Course

Dr Ruth Wilson leads this course with administrative support from Mrs Emma Wiley. Seven sessions for each clinical student cover topics such as Breaking Bad news, Anger & Aggression, Sex & Sexuality.  These seminars are designed to help the students identify, explore and practise the core skills necessary for effective communication with patients.