Alecia Nickless

Clinical Trials Statistician

I provide support to clinical trial researchers by providing sample size calculations, experimental design and data analysis of clinical trial data. 

I have experience in the following areas of statistics: linear and non-linear modelling; measurement analysis; error analysis; Bayesian inverse modelling approach; longitudinal data analysis; spatial data analysis; statistical model validation; statistical and analytical computing in R, STATA, SAS, Python, and FORTRAN.

I am completing a PhD at the University of Cape Town which is based on the Bayesian inverse modelling technique. I started this degree while working as a senior research at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa. This involves obtaining estimates of terrestrial carbon fluxes for the City of Cape Town through the method of Bayesian inverse modelling as well as Optimal Network Design of atmospheric monitoring stations based on the inverse modelling technique to obtain the posterior covariance matrix of the estimated carbon dioxide fluxes, together with the Genetic and Incremental optimisation routines. The inverse modelling relies on a transport model, which requires the implementation of a Lagrangian particle dispersion model at a regional scale for South Africa and the City of Cape Town.

Other tasks I carried out included the processing and analysis of measurement data from two eddy covariance measurement towers in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, measurement and error analysis of atmospheric concentration data, eddy-covariance carbon dioxide flux data, and meteorological data, gap-filling of these data sets for model development, validation of climate variables and energy flux estimates from land-atmosphere processes models against measured data, and allometry error analysis on tree biomass data.

I also have three years of lecturing experience at the University of the Witwatersrand in foundation statistics for life sciences students, as well as lead teaching assistant to courses on experimental design and research analysis for postgraduates, and applied statistics for the statistical major undergraduate students. This included tutorial design based on the R programming package.

You can read more about some of the experiences I had during my PhD at

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