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Alexandra Christopher

Research Assistant, SCALS Project

I am a research assistant with the Interdisciplinary Research in Health Sciences (IHIRS) team.  I am interested in the capacity for policy and technological innovations to improve health and general well-being, and patient perspectives on health and social care policies, with particular interest in how to understand the perspectives of vulnerable groups. I am currently working on a case study on the re-configuration of epilepsy care through the use of new technologies, under the SCALS (Studies in Co-creating Assisted Living Solutions) programme. The case study focusses on the integration and adaptation of technology to support epilepsy care and self-management. 

I have an undergraduate in health sciences and psychology from the University of Adelaide and a Masters in Evidence-based Social Intervention from the University of Oxford. For my Masters thesis, I undertook a hermeneutic review on the meaning of choice and control in disability housing.

I have also worked as a policy officer for the South Australian government on social and disability housing policy, and on the Ministerial Advisory Committee for special education.