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Alison Chapple


University Research Lecturer

I am a member of the Health Experiences Research Group and I have conducted research for various sections of the  award winning website 

My research includes work on the experiences of people with prostate cancer, testicular cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. In the field of cancer I have also explored people's experiences of PSA testing and bowel screening. I have also led projects about people's experiences of bereavement due to suicide and bereavement due to traumatic death. More recently I have been working on a project about people's experiences of Living with a Urinary Catheter.

I am now leading a project about Women in Science which explores the experiences of successful women scientists, all working at the University of Oxford. The aim of the project is to provide support to women making career decisions, by offering them the opportunity to explore a broad range of experiences shared by other women through video interviews.

I have published in various journals on all of these subjects. Since I joined the department I have also contributed to teaching courses about qualitative research methods.     

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