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Amy Booth

DPhil Student

DPhil thesis

Assessing the capacity of health systems and healthcare practitioners to adopt environmentally sustainable solutions in clinical practice - case study


Amy Booth is a South African medical doctor who is currently reading for a DPhil in Translational Health Sciences on a Rhodes Scholarship. During her time working as a clinician during the COVID pandemic, she became acutely aware of the impact the health system has on the environment. Her research will explore the environmental impact of health systems and how a sustainability lens can be embedded into healthcare practice and policy.

Her research interests include Health System Policy, Public and Global Health, Organisational and Behaviour Change, Medical Entrepreneurship and Climate Change.

Prior to embarking on her DPhil, she graduated, summa cum laude, as the top medical student from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. While working as a medical officer, she also spent time in the WASH Unit at the World Health Organization in Geneva as a research intern and then consultant. She is passionate about leadership in health care and has won several leadership awards, including the UCT Vice-Chancellors leadership award and the Kerry Capstick-Dale leadership award. In addition to this, she is driven by the need for outreach, particularly in developing countries, and continues to run several outreach projects in South Africa.

In her spare time, she is an avid runner, enjoys music, theatre and opera, and is looking forward to exploring the historical sites of Oxford and the UK.

Supervisor: Sara Shaw