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Angela Martin

MS&HERG Operations Manager

Since July 2013 I have been a member of the HERG Senior Leadership Team, which sets policy, strategy and makes decisions that affect the research activities of the group. My role straddles a research and operations function.

As a researcher, I am involved in both the development of research questions and in the design of multi-disciplinary studies to address those questions. I co-author peer-reviewed articles and final reports/monographs to funders and stakeholders including patients and members of the public and contribute to the dissemination strategy for HERG. My familiarity with the detail of all the research activities of the HERG places me in an ideal position to advise on how to build on research knowledge gained from HERG projects in future research proposals.

I also provide operational guidance for all HERG research projects and other activities, working with HERG director Sue Ziebland, other HERG PI’s, senior department admin, HR and finance teams for budgeting, resources, and contracts as well as overseeing HERG communication, ethics, and public and patient involvement. I manage the HERG admin team and also the Ann McPherson fellow (a junior research assistant training post).