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Ashley Kieran Clift


Clinical Research Fellow

  • Clinical Research Fellow, University of Oxford
  • Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London
  • Member, COVID risk stratification sub-group of NERVTAG

Ash trained in medicine at Christ Church, University of Oxford, and Imperial College London.

He underwent training as an Academic Foundation Doctor in Nottingham and later, as an Academic Clinical Fellow in General Surgery at Imperial. 

His research interests include clinical prediction models, epidemiology, screening, oncology (particularly neuroendocrine tumours and pancreatic cancers) and the comparison of statistical and machine learning/AI methods in risk modelling. 

In terms of teaching, he is a lecturer on the BSc in Surgical Design, Technology and Innovation course at Imperial College London, a Surgical Tutor at Oxford University Medical School, and has also previously acted as a clinical examiner at the University of Nottingham Medical School.

He is currently reading for a DPhil in Cancer Science at the CRUK Oxford Centre. 

Key publications

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