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Beth Jakubowski

DPhil, MSc, BA (Hons)

Qualitative Researcher

Current Research

I'm a qualitative researcher in the Cardiovascular Disease Team (CVD) working on the SHIP and OSCAR studies. The SHIP study is researching the implementation of a home based self-management system in patients with hypertension. The OSCAR study aims to research the roll out of structured medication reviews in patients with multi-morbidities taking multiple medications (polypharmacy). 

I recently finished my DPhil studies on the self-management of hypertensive pregnancies, which brought together evidence on the individual components of self-management, such as self-testing for proteinuria, and explored patient and healthcare professional experiences of self-management in antenatal care. This work was funded by the NIHR, CLARHC, and PCRT, and included running the UDIP diagnostic accuracy study, a cross sectional diagnostic accuracy study on the self-testing of proteinuria in hypertensive pregnancies. I also ran the EMPOWER study, a qualitative study researching patient and healthcare professional's thoughts regarding a potential home based self-management intervention in antenatal care. My supervisors were Professor Richard McManus, Dr Katherine Tucker, and Dr Lisa Hinton.

Previous Work and Research Interests

My research interests include patient education and empowerment, shared decision making, and self-management. I am also broadly interested in most aspects of maternal health, reproductive health, and sexual health. Prior to joining the department I achieved an MSc in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I also have an an undergraduate degree in Politics with International Relations from the University of York.

Previous Publications

R. W. Aldridge, A. K. Miller, B. Jakubowski, L. Pereira, F. Fille and I. Noret, Falling through the Cracks: The Failure of Universal Healthcare Coverage in Europe, European Network to Reduce Vulnerabilities in Health Observatory Report. (London: 2017). 


1st Prize Poster Presentation: Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Annual Meeting 2020

Is self-management a burden? A qualitative systematic review on the self-management of chronic conditions during pregnancy