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Brian Cook

Senior Researcher - Health Behaviours

Dr. Brian Cook is a Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford with an interest in all aspects of food systems. He leads the Health Behaviours work package of the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) project that studies behavioural interventions to help people make healthier and more sustainable food choices. He leads the development of partnerships with the food industry to implement and evaluate behavioural trials that explore information and choice architecture strategies to promote environmentally sustainable food purchases. He also led the development of Oxford’s online virtual supermarket platform that allows researchers to test the behavioural nudges, including several experiments on environmental impact labelling. Before joining Oxford, he was a Senior Health Researcher for the Toronto Public Health department where he spearheaded the Toronto Food Strategy. He also has extensive experience at the global level, advising organisations such as the FAO and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact on urban food policy and food system assessment.