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Cesar Garriga

Biologist, MSc Epidemiology, PhD

Researcher in Medical Statistics/Data Science

Clinical epidemiologist. My research has been focused on osteoarthritis and joint surgery outcomes. I am interested in clinical, pharmaco-and device-epidemiology and social determinants on health.

I joined the University of Oxford in June 2015. During this time I developed my skills generating predictive and survival models. I applied my expertise on clinical forecasting to patient reported outcomes in knee arthroplasty, fast progression to radiographic knee osteoarthritis, and biomarkers of cartilage regeneration and pain in injured knees. I used multiple imputation, bootstrapping, calibration and discrimination, and factor analysis to develop those studies. My research in the field of the pharmacoepidemiology looked at the impact of oral bisphosphonates in age-related macular degeneration and antirheumatic drugs on dementia. I used propensity score matching and survival modelling to conduct these studies. I assessed an intervention to enhance the recovery pathway after primary hip and knee replacement surgery and the role played of hospital organisation and surgical factors on patient outcomes. I used interrupted time-series analysis among other statistical approaches to carry out this study.

My time at the University of Oxford has allowed to me to disseminate 14 publications, 17 conference communications and 1 chapter of a report. I achieved an awarded grant as a co-applicant. I had a one-month secondment at the Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva, Switzerland.

I worked with routinely collected extensive national databases that take patient activity, with practice of using data from the National Joint Registry (NJR), Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) database, NHS Patient Reported Measured Outcomes (PROMS), ONS mortality data, and Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). I currently work with QResearch. QResearch is a large consolidated database derived from the anonymised health records of over 35 million patients.  

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