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Chelu Mfalila


Data Scientist

Robust statistical design and analysis of chronic conditions in a primary care setting.

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints as risk factors for disease progression
  • Application of statistical methods on longitudinal studies and complex data structures
  • Causal Inference

As a Statistical Scientist I am most interested in collaborative work with a larger goal of improving patient care by developing prevention and treatment strategies which are efficacious and culturally relevant particularly among those at risk for cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease.

My previous work centred on HIV clinical trials evaluating surrogate endpoints for vaccines and treatment effects. I also have significant collaborative experience with clinicians, immunologists and pharmacologists in laboratory studies as well as multidisciplinary teams in large observational studies.

I graduated with a Master of Science in Biostatistics with specialist training in clinical trials and infectious disease epidemiology from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. My background is interdisciplinary in Economics and Mathematics (BS) with wet lab experience in Biological Sciences.

Key publications