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Hajira Dambha-Miller


NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

  • General Practitioner

I am a GP in Oxford and a National Institute for Health Research Doctoral Fellow. My main research interests include the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in primary care.

Previous projects have included a systematic review and meta-analysis to examine the effect on cardiovascular disease risk factors of interventions to alter consultations between practitioners and patients with type 2 diabetes. I have also conducted cohort analyses to investigate if better experiences of patient-practitioner interactions are associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk factor levels.

I was awarded my current fellowship to investigate the role of patient-centred care on health behaviours and cardiovascular risk factor levels in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. This programme of work is nested within the ADDITION-Cambridge trial at the University of Cambridge, Primary Care Unit, and includes qualitative interview studies alongside cohort analyses.

Other interests relate to editorial processes amongst biomedical journals. My work has included studies into open access publications, the ethics of peer review and appeal procedures for rejected manuscripts. I am on the editorial board of the British Journal of General Practice, and completed an apprenticeship at the journal during my GP Academic Clinical Fellowship training.

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