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Igho Onakpoya


DPhil Student

  • Research Fellow in Evidence Based Practice and Pharmacovigilance

As part of the CEBM team at Oxford, my research involves evaluating the efficacy and safety of interventions, critically appraising the methodology of clinical trials, exploring the associations between exposure and outcome, and investigating the risks associated with the use of medicinal products.

For my DPhil, I plan to develop an evidence-based approach to post-marketing withdrawal of medicinal products because of adverse reactions. This will involve a series of systematic reviews of adverse events from clinical trials using data from published and unpublished sources, systematic reviews of methods used to identify adverse drug reactions after drug regulatory approvals, and investigative analyses of the factors which influence decision-making processes by regulatory authorities when adverse reactions from the use of medicinal products are suspected. I will identify the gaps in the current pharmacovigilance processes for post-approval surveillance of adverse drug effects of newly-licensed medications, and attempt to develop an approach that can mitigate any flaws. By integrating the evidence, the results will help to strengthen adverse event monitoring of newly approved medications, and should improve patient safety in primary care.       

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