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Indrani Manoharan

BSc, MSc, PhD

Clinical Trials Manager

I am responsible for a range of activities for the HABIT Trial within the Health Behaviours team.

I completed my Masters in Molecular Genetics at the University of Leicester and my PhD in Medical Oncology at the University of Glasgow.

After training and working as an academic researcher, I moved into the field of clinical trials to gain a better understanding on how research impacts people in real life. My experience includes working within the healthcare sector (NHS) across various regions in England.

I have supported and lead on a range of trials in cancer, orthopaedics, women's reproductive health, gastro, wilderness medicine, infectious diseases etc, both nationally within the UK and internationally in Europe, USA and Japan.

I currently play a leading role in the planning, co-ordination and management of Health professional Administered Brief Insomnia Therapy (HABIT) trial. It is a pragmatic, multicentre, randomised controlled trial comparing nurse-delivered sleep restriction therapy (SRT) for insomnia disorder to sleep hygiene (SH) in primary care.


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