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Public Engagement

My Oxford Famelab final talk on the similarities between surfing with SHARKS and overdiagnosis.

Other interests

  • Blogging: BMJ, PLoS, Oxford
  • Global health: Medical volunteer in India, Timor-Leste (East Timor), Oman, Solomon Islands, and numerous refugee camps
  • Surfing

Jack O'Sullivan


DPhil Candidate


  • DPhil Candidate - Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford
  • Principal Investigator - National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) grant (£92,000)
  • Editorial Registrar - BMJ EBM Journal
  • Emergency Department SHO Locum - Oxford University Hospitals
  • Lecturer and Tutor - MSc Evidence-Based Health Care
  • Tutor - Oxford University Medical School

Jack is a Clarendon Scholar and current Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) student. Jack’s research interests include overdiagnosis, reducing waste in healthcare, particularly reducing inappropriate tests. He is supervised by Professor Carl Heneghan, Professor Rafael Perera and Dr. Jeffrey Aronson. Prior to starting his DPhil, he worked as a clinical doctor in Australia.