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Diagnostic accuracy of CA125 for endometriosis

CA 125 performs well as a rule-in test facilitating expedited diagnosis and ensuring investigation and treatment can be confidently tailored for the management of endometriosis. Unfortunately, a negative test, CA 125 < 30 units/ml, is unable to rule out endometriosis.

Patient delivered training

Among medical students taught the female pelvic examination by low-fidelity simulation, additional training by gynaecology teaching associates improved knowledge, comfort, and confidence at the end of the clinical rotation but did not improve examination skills at end of the academic year.

Core outcome set for pre-eclampsia

James M N Duffy

MBChB MRes BSc (Hons) PG HCL

NIHR Doctoral Fellow, Balliol College

  • Scientific Editor, British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Editor, Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Review Group
  • Honorary Lecturer Medical Education, University of London


Twitter     @jamesmnduffy

LinkedIn   James M N Duffy

YouTube  James M N Duffy

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James is training to be an obstetrician and gynaecologist and his clinical interests include pre-eclampsia, endometriosis, and subfertility. He cares passionately about evidence-based medicine and is an advocate for the better understanding and use of evidence in obstetrics and gynaecology - often advocated but seldom adopted. As an undergraduate James secured several competitive research scholarships, gaining first-hand experience in internationally collaborative systematic reviews. He graduated from the University of Manchester and has worked in various specialities across central London.  Working within teams of researchers based all over the world, he has published over 40 research papers (>2,000 citations; h-index 17), presented at many national and international conferences, and won several awards for audit, teaching, and research. He is a founding member of the Core Outcomes in Women’s Health (CROWN) initiative and has established several consortiums developing and implementing core outcome sets. 

James tweets as @jamesmnduffy.

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