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Janice Hoang

MSc, PhD



Janice is a researcher in primary care cancer research at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences. Her work spans varied areas namely public health, cancer epidemiology, medical education, and interdisciplinary research in social science (politics and anthropology). However, she has a special interest in primary care cancer epidemiology including developing new diagnostic tools, prediction models and evaluating tests, increasing equality of access to healthcare to optimise diagnostic pathways and early detection. She has expertise in the analysis of large healthcare datasets,  diagnostic test evaluation and the development and validation of diagnostic prediction models.

She completed her PhD in Medical Education at Graduate School of Education, the University of Exeter in 2021. Her doctoral research focused on 'Developing a global typology of education and training pathways for GPs'.  After completing her PhD, she worked as a research fellow at the Q-step Centre for two ESRC funded projects on ‘Identity, Belonging and the Role of the Media in Brexit Britain' and ‘Identity, Inequality, and the Media in Brexit-COVID-19-Britain’ . Then, she joined DISCO group, part of Exeter Institute of Health Research, and worked on investigating the diagnosis of prostate cancer in primary care.