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My connections

Johanna Cook

Senior Trial Manager


I am a Senior Trial Manager and Infectious Diseases Theme Lead within the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit (PC-CTU). I am currently managing an FP7 funded trial looking at response to flu across Europe with Prof Chris Butler called ALIC4E (Antivirals for influenza-Like Illness? an rCt of Clinical and Cost effectiveness in primary CarE). This trial is looking at the clinical and cost effectiveness of current flu treatments, new point of care tests to detect influenza and at the response to new strains of flu and is running on over 20 networks across Europe.

As the Infectious Diseases Theme Lead for the infectious diseases trials in the  PC-CTU, which is part of the Infectious Diseases Research Group within the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, I manage a portfolio of infectious diseases trials. These range in topic from; influenza-like illness to UTIs to preventative probiotic treatments. This group is working on cutting edge research and running world leading clinical trials in the area of infectious diseases, with the aim of reducing our reliance and misuse of antibiotics.

I started in the department as Trial Manager for TOAST (Treatment Options without Antibiotics for Sore Throat) a multi-centre, double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial looking at the treatment of sore throat with a single dose of an oral steroid in adults in primary care. TOAST is now part of the Infectious Diseases Research Group portfolio, and is due to be published soon.