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Markus Schichtel


Clinical Researcher

I worked as a GP Partner and Trainer in London before coming to Oxford. At Oxford, I gained clinical experience in palliative medicine at Sir Michael Sobell House, Oxford University Hospital Trust. During that time, I was awarded a clinical fellowship in end-of-life care from the NHS Leadership programme. This fellowship developed into a DPhil project with the University of Oxford looking at optimising the implementation of advance care planning in heart failure. The DPhil study is rather exciting and utilises systematic literature reviews, meta-analyses, qualitative clinician interviews and focus groups to generate the evidence base for a complex intervention targeting clinicians to implement advance care planning. Future plans are to test the intervention in the context of a feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial.

Additional research projects focused on:

  • determining the evidence base for the effectiveness of educational interventions in the early diagnosis of cancer, funded by Cancer Research UK.
  • psychometric measurement designs and the evaluation of health service campaigns in end of life care, funded by NHS England.
  • developing, testing and implementing a reliable quality assurance tool for appraisal and revalidation, funded by NHS England. The tool has been now been adopted across NHS South Central.

Besides that, I have published a few papers in peer-reviewed journals, enjoy teaching medical students, appraising GPs and supervising Masters Students from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.