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Melissa Stepney

BA (Hons), MSc, PhD

Qualitative Researcher

I am a social and cultural geographer with research interests in young people’s health and qualitative methods. To date my research has focussed on youth, gender and drinking cultures, in particular alcohol consumption and binge drinking amongst young women in the UK and the Netherlands. I completed my PhD at the University of Reading before taking up a position as a Human Geography Lecturer for four years at the University of Worcester.  I have a long-standing interest in psychoanalytic theory and how the unconscious shapes our everyday experiences, behaviours, health and wellbeing. I have also published work on alcohol consumption, binge drinking and friendship as well as the use of online forums in understanding health behaviour.    

I joined the Health Experiences Research Group (HERG) in 2015 and am currently working on a project with Sara Ryan and ThuThuy Phan which will explore the experiences of people who have Alport Syndrome, which is an inherited condition that causes kidney failure and hearing loss. This research will produce a section for the award winning website I am also going to be working on the Department of Health 100,000 Genomes Project as a qualitative researcher.   


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