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Milensu Shanyinde

MSc, PhD

Senior Statistician

I joined the Department in 2014 after previously working at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine, collaborating on a variety of clinical studies (predominately randomised controlled trials) and supported. 

I have over ten years’ experience in providing statistical support and working collaboratively in clinical trials from design stage to dissemination of results. My experience spans different data types (RCTs and Observational) and disease areas including cancer studies, cardiovascular, mental health, vaccine related, respiratory illness and infectious disease.

In 2015 I went to pursue in PhD in Epidemiology at University College London. Primarily analysing data using of an observational cohort study of HIV patients with or without hepatitis C. I then returned to the department in 2018. 

I am a currently a trial statistician on numerous studies in addition I was one of the trial statisticians of an adaptive decentralised clinical trial to evaluate treatment for COVID-19 in the community (PRINCIPLE).

I have published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals.  I have peer reviewed more 100 publications. 

I am one of the module co-ordinators for the Statistics in Clinical course. I am an adviser for the NIHR Research Support Service (NIHR-RSS). I am also a member of data and safety monitoring committee, and the trial steering committee of national trials.

My research interests include, randomisation methods, representation of minorities in trials and missing data in clinical trials.